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The Great Reset Research Report

There’s no better time to modernize the HR-business partnership. Learn how to build strong partnerships between HR and people managers in The Great Reset: How High-Performing Organizations Build HR Business Partnerships to Thrive in the Resilience Economy research paper.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first arrived, radical shifts in the marketplace prompted the abrupt transformation of the entire workforce. To effectively overcome these formidable challenges, organizations need strong partnerships between the HR function and the business to synchronize their response to rapidly evolving conditions and stay competitive. Thriving in this resilience economy requires a strategic reset of HR-business partnerships that can optimize the agility of the workforce and harmonize the need of the business with the capabilities of its people. That’s why we partnered with HCI to study high-performing organizations and uncover the tactics they use to build and sustain high-value strategic HR-business partnerships.

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The Great Reset Research Report

This research paper presents practical advice to help your organization:

  • Grow strategic HR capabilities for successfully partnering with the business
  • Support, advise, and develop people managers for more effective collaboration
  • Identify the right tools and measures to guide better business decisions

Download this white paper for insights to help you reset HR-business partnerships and build a high-performance organization that thrives through change.