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What’s Next: Life-work Technology

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What's Next: Life-work Technology

The latest technologies can help employers address the complexities of the Life-work Journey.

To attract and retain talent, organisations must nurture employees in each stage of their Life-work Journey. Embracing Life-work Technology™ helps organisations provide the ongoing support that employees are seeking for growth and fulfillment. 


Connect your people to a purpose, value their efforts in meeting strategic goals, and promote belonging and wellbeing.


Increase effectiveness and productivity, give employees the right tools, and optimise collaboration and longevity.


Integrate people and work systems with Life-work Technology to best support employees along their Life-work Journey.

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • The six phases of the Life-work Journey for individuals 

  • The five phases of the Life-work Journey for organisations 

  • How an organisation’s journey stage impacts individuals’ actions

Combining people systems that support and inspire your workforce with work systems that help your organisation thrive is what sets Life-work Technology apart. 

Download this white paper to learn about workplace trends and how UKG Life-work Technology helps employers guide their people along the Life-work Journey, creating a workplace where employees feel valued and empowered.