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Tracking time has gone beyond simply clocking in and out. See how UKG Pro® Scheduling (formerly UKG Dimensions® Scheduling) changes the experience for your people and business.

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UKG Pro Workforce Management™ intelligent employee scheduling tools help you to create flexible schedules for your people, manage compliance and safety risks and align the talented people who can finish the job.

Create flexible schedules to make sure that the right people are in the right jobs, at the right time.

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Gain visibility into schedules and ensure that people with the right skills or certifications are scheduled for critical shifts.

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Advanced work scheduling and forecasting solutions use the power of AI and machine learning to work 24/7, helping to guide your people towards the best-fit decisions for themselves and the business.

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“We found that we were able to reduce the number of employees per shift and still meet production demands with appropriate scheduling, and not based on what the manager thinks is best for the business, but what the application [UKG Pro Workforce Management] is telling us is best for the business.”

Sean Brown
Global Systems Administrator | Essity
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