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Access critical employee data from one source for your entire workforce to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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UKG Dimensions - Analytics

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UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) Analytics provides the people analytics that your teams need - across all levels - to make strategic workforce decisions that impact the employee experience and the bottom line.

Extensive workforce analytics reports reach deep into your business to give you snapshots in time for a more prepared tomorrow.

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Set benchmarks against organisational goals with KPIs and metrics designed to give your frontline managers productivity insight to truly manage in the moment.

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Dig into more data to strategically analyse data the way you need with the business intelligence tools of your choice.

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City Beach

"Sending out tasks to stores and having them log time to those tasks allows us to have better predictions and forecasts about how much time and effort tasks are going to take. This functionality is amazing."

Elle Stephan
Operations Manager | City Beach
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