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Managing manufacturing workforce during uncertainty

To understand the way forward for managing the manufacturing workforce during uncertainties

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In a rapidly changing world where work, the workplace and the workforce are evolving, organisations need to ensure adaptability, flexibility and safety for the employees, and at the same time optimise employee costs, manage compliances and improve productivity. This is a challenge made more difficult by the oppressive circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturing companies have borne the brunt of the virus's impact, simply because their plant employees could not work from home, and enterprises had to deploy innovative tactics to keep their machines running, and the workforce safe as well as productive. Hear the industry leaders discuss on:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing workforce, operations and finances
  • Changes in operational model to enable business continuity, agility and flexibility
  • Managing demand fluctuations, uncertainty in labour availability, and changing regulations
  • Keeping sight of the bigger picture-revenue and profit growth-during a crisis
  • Reimagining operational and workforce models for the future
  • The role of technology in enabling the workforce during times of uncertainty