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UKG Pro Activities

Without a solution to track labor against activities, organizations can only estimate the time spent per task, causing inaccurate pay, misquoted jobs, and a lack of understanding on the actual cost to build a product. With a focus on people in everything it does, UKG has created UKG Pro® Activities (formerly UKG Dimensions® Activities) for organizations to gain real-time visibility into organizational data to power more intelligent decision making, optimize efficiency, increase employee productivity, and ultimately improve operational performance.

UKG Dimensions Activities

Key features of UKG Pro Activities:

  • Improved accuracy by introducing logic to show only necessary fields with Smart Forms
  • Robust API integration powered by Dell Boomi with easier access to API set expansions
  • Accurate activity selection with new business structure framework
  • Activity data directly integrated into employee timecard
  • Activity exceptions highlight relevant missing data such as orphan, idle, or missing result
  • 3rd party integration with ERP systems which only sends and receives what is relevant or changed
  • Visibility into allocated versus actual hours

Download this informative product profile to learn how UKG Pro Activities can help your organization improve operational performance.