Embrace Your People and Performance

UKG People Operations

Embrace Your People and Performance

UKG People Operations creates a bridge between people and operations teams by providing a single point of access to the solutions used daily to drive efficiency, productivity, compliance and employee experience.

Through on-demand access to workforce management, HR service delivery and HR tools, managers and their team can ADAPT to new challenges, ALIGN customer, business, and employee needs, and FOSTER a great place to work culture.

UKG People Operations

Faced with today’s unprecedented economic and social challenges, people and operations teams must find new ways to collaborate effectively – embracing both performance and their people.

People Operations eBook
People Operations eBook: Solving the ‘Targets’ vs ‘Employee Experience’ Challenge

To address today’s social and economic challenges - whilst continuing to drive growth and deliver a positive employee experience - requires People and Operations teams to work close harmony. Grey areas of roles and responsibility misunderstandings must be banished – replaced by insight, agility and automation that enables client, employee and business objectives to be easily met.

Download the People Operations eBook to understand how People and Operations teams can work together to improve employee experience, increase productivity and meet targets.

The HR/Operations Divide: Grey Area Infographic
The HR-Operations Divide: Grey Area Infographic

There is a Grey Area of misunderstanding and misalignment between HR and Operations, in terms of their respective roles and responsibilities.

Download the Grey Area Infographic to understand the gap and learn how HR and Operations can align better to enhance your People and Operational performance.

The Complete Grey Area Report: The HR-Operations Divide
The Complete Grey Area Report: HR-Operations Divide

With insights from over 600 experts in Operations and HR, learn how both teams think, act, and collaborate, and discover the grey areas of misunderstanding that exist between their respective roles and responsibilities.

Download the Grey area report now to learn how to improve HR and Operation team alignment and collaboration, enabling better outcomes and performance.

Product Profile: UKG People Operations
Product Profile: UKG People Operations

UKG People Operations gives managers and employees the tools and knowledge they need to meet today’s complex customer and business demand challenges, whilst also improving the employee experience.

Learn how UKG People Operations helps you:

  • Adapt now to the workplace of the future by enabling you to build and update processes quickly, easily and compliantly
  • Align customer demands, business objectives, and people needs to retain talent and deliver against your top- and bottom-line goals.
  • Foster a culture of trust, inclusion, and transparency - making your organisation an employer of choice
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