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Time and Attendance Strategies for the Modern, Multigenerational Workforce

Moving beyond yesterday’s solutions for more effective workforce management

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How can you move beyond yesterday’s solutions for more effective workforce management? No matter where they fall on the workforce management technology adoption curve, organizations can realize greater value by automating and integrating additional workforce processes. While automated timekeeping is fundamental for driving efficiencies, extending automation to HR, payroll, scheduling leave, and absence management — as part of a complete, unified workforce management platform — can significantly improve an organization’s ability to control costs, minimize compliance risk, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement. The addition of self-service, analytics, and labor cost tracking can further boost performance by driving employee engagement and helping managers make more informed decisions based on real-time insights.

Today’s diverse, multigenerational workforce expects modern workplace technology that is intuitive, personalized, and available at any time, from anywhere. To build and retain a top-performing workforce, organizations should look for workforce management solutions that offer consumer-grade user interfaces, self-service features, and mobile tools that help employees stay engaged and feel empowered to do their best work.

In addition, they should consider the advantages of cloud deployment — including security, reliability, scalability, and immediate access to the latest software features — to increase organizational agility and reduce the burden on IT staff.

Go beyond automating data collection and tracking hours worked. Download this white paper and learn how best in class organizations leverage innovative workforce management tools and strategies to drive business success.