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Recruiting in the Next Era of Work

Read this guide to future-proofing your recruiting.

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Recruiting in the Next Era of Work

UKG details four ways to boost your recruitment strategy to better meet the needs of the evolving workforce in our Recruiting in the Next Era of Work white paper. Learn how to plan for the future of recruiting.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected recruiting in unimaginable ways. In the height of the crisis, some organizations had to lay off or furlough employees, while others had to quickly hire hundreds or thousands. And now that business is open again, employers are facing a new hurdle with the current labor shortage. Employees are quitting their jobs in mass numbers with many opting for opportunities that provide better workplace conditions.

Employees are demanding more from employers so what can you do to prepare for recruiting in the next era of work? Download the guide to learn about:

  • Re-recruiting your existing workforce
  • Making diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging a priority
  • Leveraging HR technology
  • And more