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UKG for Manufacturing Brochure

With the speed of digital transformation, manufacturers are pressed to meet constantly changing circumstances and, at the same time, find ways to remain competitive. How can you keep up? Tap into the full potential of your people.

In this brochure, UKG for Manufacturing, you’ll learn how our workforce management solutions can help you build, support, and grow an engaged workforce that drives productivity, and better business outcomes.

See all that’s possible when you leverage a powerful workforce management solution with real-time insights.

UKG for Manufacturing Brochure

In this product brochure, gain a high-level understanding of how UKG’s workforce management solutions make it possible for manufacturers to:

  • Automate time, attendance, leave, and more with a modern workforce management suite
  • Improve operational efficiencies and gain control over costs with real-time visibility into labour data
  • Overcome barriers to global expansion by simplifying labour law compliance and time policies
  • Manage all your workforce types in a single platform (Office employees, frontline & field workforce, contract & gig workers)

Nine out of the top 10 manufacturers on the Fortune 500 list rely on UKG solutions to manage their people and drive results.

Download UKG for Manufacturing and see how our powerful workforce management solutions help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges.