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State Compliance Guide

Complying with state labor laws can be challenging, especially if you do business in multiple states. Learn six employment areas that may cause issues.

Fees, fines, and penalties could be the outcome of not complying with state and local labor laws. Investing in workforce management technology that incorporates all state and local labor regulations — as well as federal labor laws — can help you comply with all labor laws across your operation.

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State Compliance Guide on Labor Regulations

This guide discusses employment areas that can create potential compliance issues, visually illustrates which states have the least and most complex labor regulations in these areas, and reviews how technology solutions can specifically help you comply with varying regulations. The employment areas discussed include:

  • State and local tax withholding and reciprocity: Tax withholding and state tax reciprocal agreements can be complicated. Can your system easily distinguish taxation based on employee residency and work locations and handle multistate taxing?
  • Overtime complexities: States must follow the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or may create more employee-friendly regulations. Do you do business in any states with more generous rules?
  • Meal and rest breaks: Minimum time for both meal breaks and rest breaks can vary by state. Are you confident you are correctly applying varying and multifaceted work rules?
  • Paid leave laws: Leave laws are changing and becoming more complex, with variations state by state. If you have operations in multiple states, are you sure you are in compliance
  • Predictive scheduling and paid workweek: Cities and states have enacted or are considering predictive scheduling laws — especially in the retail, hospitality, and food service industries — to give employees predictable schedules and greater financial security. Are you prepared to comply with these rules if they are enacted where you do business?
  • Wage statements: Some states go beyond federal wage reporting requirements on paycheck information and paycheck and wage statement distribution. Does your payroll system have the flexibility to comply with varying state rules?

Download this easy-to-understand guide to learn more about how state and local labor laws could impact your operations and how UKG® workforce management technology can help you be in compliance.