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UKG Pro Workforce Management Helps Iron Mountain Drive Workforce Agility and Engagement

  • Provides a single solution that manages the entire employee lifecycle by seamlessly integrating with existing, business-critical HR applications

  • Streamlines attendance and leave information management for all employees and managers — including at remote and offsite work locations ― on any device: time clock, mobile phone, or tablet

  • Automates timekeeping to ensure improved payroll accuracy

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is the global leader in innovative storage and information management services, storing and protecting billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts. Founded in 1951 and trusted by more than 225,000 customers worldwide, Iron Mountain helps customers CLIMB HIGHER™ to transform their businesses. Through a range of services, including digital transformation, data centers, secure records storage, information management, IT asset lifecycle management, secure destruction, and art storage and logistics, Iron Mountain helps businesses bring light to their dark data, enabling customers to unlock value and intelligence from their stored digital and physical assets at speed and with security, while helping them meet their environmental goals.


Having a number of disparate, disconnected HR applications motivated Iron Mountain India to launch an initiative to transform its workforce management strategies across its operations in India.

Iron Mountain’s goal was to have a centralised solution that could simplify the entire spectrum of people, process, and technology from a workforce management perspective. In addition, Iron Mountain wanted a single solution that could be used by all employees ― including remote, offsite, and regular employees ― and that could seamlessly integrate with existing business-critical HR systems. The solution also would need to provide access to real-time information and enhanced, accurate reporting.


One of the key objectives of implementing the UKG Pro Workforce Management™ solution, formerly known as UKG Dimensions®, was to integrate workforce management with the other existing HR applications to get a single source of information on time and attendance, leave, and accruals. Having multiple disconnected systems was not only hampering data visibility, but also was impacting the overall user experience.

Integrating its UKG® solution with the HR application stack has helped the company move forward with one consolidated system that has the same look and feel across the entire business. Not just that, with UKG, employees working remotely can virtually punch in/out their attendance information, without any hassles.

“UKG will provide us with the right balance of ease of use and rich insights needed to really transform our workforce management. It was important that the solution we chose can integrate with our internal systems and meets our IT standards. With our company policies and rules configured into UKG Pro Workforce Management, we expect that payroll processing and managing policies should now become easier and more efficient.”

Poornima Jaganath

Director of Finance


With all the rules and policies configured in the application, payroll processing, identification of exceptions, calculation of overtime, etc. has become easier and more efficient. UKG also provides the payroll output data file that includes employee pay-related information, such as days worked, days on leave, type of leave, overtime hours worked, etc., to their payroll application. Seamless movement of data across systems has not only helped improve HR/payroll productivity, but also has helped reduce payroll errors.

With extensive workforce management data now available on a centralised platform, automating the tracking and management of attendance and leave data has been a breeze. The powerful visualisations and real-time analytics available in the solution have not only made managers more confident that the attendance and leave data they have are timely, accurate, and relevant, but also has enabled them to make better decisions.

Some key benefits that Iron Mountain India has achieved as a result of its UKG implementation and adoption include using the solution for the entire employee life cycle by seamlessly integrating with existing, business-critical HR applications.

Managing attendance and leave information for all employees and managers — including those at remote and offsite work locations ― is streamlined, with their ability to record everything at a time clock, mobile phone, or tablet. Automating timekeeping has improved payroll accuracy.

In addition, centralised reporting with powerful visualisations is supporting actionable decision-making and effective operations management.

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