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UKG Philanthropy & Volunteering

Giving is core to our culture

Every day, we are focused on helping people across the areas of health, human services, education, and public safety.

We firmly believe in doing the right thing for our employees, our customers, and our communities.

We have developed guidelines for conducting our business that support and align with the values important to our customers, their employees, and our communities. Throughout the year, we partner with a variety of nonprofits, participating in philanthropic projects and providing charitable support worldwide.

Our Giving Philosophy

UKG giving is globally inclusive and locally focused, supporting organisations and communities around the globe through donations, matching gifts and volunteer opportunities. Giving is core to our culture, and we will continue to use our platforms and resources to help others. These efforts help us work towards a world that cares for and empowers all people and protects our planet.

Donated in 2021 by UKG and our employees through corporate giving and matching campaigns.
Nonprofit organisations supported across the world by UKG and our employees in 2021.
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“During my 30-year nonprofit career, I have seen firsthand the impact UKG has made in Broward County and across the country. Its philanthropic spirit has supported so many worthy causes, and its impact and financial support grows as the company grows! The company is a pillar to so many charitable organisations’ successes, and I am proud to call UKG our partner.”

David Pinsker
Senior Director of Field Operations | Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Supporting Our Communities in Times of Crisis

Supporting Our Communities in Times of Crisis

From a life-changing pandemic to a natural disaster, UKG responds during times of crisis to provide financial and volunteer support to people in need throughout our local, national, and global communities. Using our own UKG Pro Giving solution, UKG employees answer the call and donate funds through uncapped matching campaigns and help deliver much-needed supplies to people in impacted areas.

Giving Campaigns

Recent examples of our employee-led giving campaigns are detailed below. For a detailed summary of our recent philanthropy and comprehensive look at our company giving program, view the latest UKG Giving Report.

Relief for Ukraine

To support those displaced and impacted by war in Ukraine in 2022, UKG and our employees donated to USA for UNHCR, UNHCR Canada, and the International Rescue Committee. Together, we raised more than $300,000.

Wildfires in Colorado

To support those impacted by wildfires in Colorado in 2021, UKG and our employees donated to the American Red Cross and The Centre for Disaster Philanthropy. Together, we raised nearly $80,000.

Texas Winter Storms

To support millions of people across Texas impacted by deadly winter storms in 2021, UKG and our employees donated to Feeding Texas and the American Red Cross. Together, we raised more than $259,000.

Giving Campaigns

Tornadoes in Kentucky

UKG partnered with the American Red Cross, The Centre for Disaster Philanthropy, and World Central Kitchen to provide relief to residents displaced by devastating tornadoes in Kentucky and several other U.S. states in 2021. Together, we raised $180,000.

Surfside Condo Collapse

To help the families of victims and those displaced by the Champlain Towers South condo collapse in 2021, UKG made a significant corporate donation to Support Surfside.

COVID-19 Relief for India

As COVID-19 devastated millions across India in 2021, UKG and our employees donated to Direct Relief. Together, we raised $276,000 to provide oxygen, medications, and other resources to healthcare facilities caring for those in need.

Giving Campaigns

Support for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

To support the AAPI community impacted by acts of violence, hate, and discrimination, UKG and our employees donated to the AAPI Community Fund, Stop AAPI Hate, and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation in 2021. Together, we raised $240,000.

Help for St. Vincent

In addition to our support for the AAPI community, we helped those affected by the La Soufrière volcano eruption on the island of St. Vincent in 2021. UKG made a significant corporate donation to offset the cost of getting medical supplies to the island, in partnership with Direct Relief.

Serving Our Communities Through Volunteering

Serving Our Communities Through Volunteering

Giving part of ourselves to help others is ingrained in our culture. Throughout the year, U Krewers volunteer around the world, serving their communities: from helping at food banks and running in charitable 5Ks to visiting primary schools and clothing the homeless. To further support these efforts, UKG encourages employees to use their unlimited paid time off for volunteering at organisations of their choosing, so that they can focus on giving to the causes closest to their hearts.

Inspiring Employees to Serve

Our culture of giving has also inspired U Krewers to volunteer and support their communities outside of work. An employee in our co-headquarters of Lowell, Massachusetts, started the “Craft Inspired” movement to team up with fellow U Krew crafters in partnership with our employee resource groups to make hats, masks, blankets, and more for people who need them the most.

Another U Krewer based in our Weston co-headquarters started her own nonprofit with her best friend. The 100 People Project provides groceries for single parents who have lost their jobs, delivers school supplies to children in South Florida schools, and volunteers onsite after a hurricane impacts the local community.

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Supporting Our Employees and Their Families

In recognition and support of our employees and their families directly impacted by COVID-19, UKG established the PeopleInspired Giving Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing financial assistance to UKG employees physically, economically, emotionally or otherwise adversely impacted by tragedy – including and beyond the pandemic – such as a spouse losing their job or a parent becoming seriously ill. To date, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds in relief to hundreds of UKG employees and their families.

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Empowering Our Customers to Give

Released in 2020, UKG Pro Giving enables organisations to easily set up charitable campaigns and empower employees to donate to philanthropic causes. In the spirit of philanthropy, we offer Giving free to our customers. We are proud to say our customers have donated millions of dollars through the Giving platform to support nonprofit organisations such as the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, and Feeding America.

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