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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Building an inclusive environment for all people

We believe businesses succeed when all individuals are respected and all voices are heard.

More importantly, employees must have the support and resources necessary to thrive as professionals and people. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) at UKG focuses on building an inclusive environment where differences are respected, and our innovative spirit is unlocked.

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We’re committed to putting all people first.
We’re committed to putting all people first.

Our DEI&B programme includes foundational learning to mitigate bias, partnerships to build a diverse talent pipeline and maximise impact, accountability through goals and scorecard metrics, and actively making a difference at UKG and in our communities through participation in diverse employee resource groups.

Brian Reaves

“Creating an inclusive workplace requires continually adapting to the needs of people as unique individuals and providing the resources necessary to enable our employees, customers, and communities to grow and thrive. That’s why DEI&B are woven into the fabric of UKG and serve as a foundation for our practices and policies companywide.”

Brian K. Reaves
Chief Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Officer | UKG

Uniquely You, Uniquely Valued

Uniquely valuing our employees, customers, and partners helps us realise our corporate purpose. DEI&B at UKG starts with making our company a place where unique identities and perspectives are not only welcomed, but sought out, celebrated, and well-represented.

Our work continues as we champion a culture of trust, equity, and belonging for all, and a workplace where all U Krewers have abundant opportunities to grow. To be a true leader in DEI&B and empower our employees and customers to thrive, we must also drive positive change by investing in and partnering with organisations that work to build a diverse and inclusive future for all people.

Strategic initiatives

Our DEI&B program has several strategic initiatives that build upon our pillars.


A digital DEI&B foundational learning initiative to better understand complex topics associated with DEI&B, such as unconscious bias, microaggressions, privilege, and equity.

Ambassador Program
Ambassador Program

A global set of internal advocates who will be empowered and well-equipped to effectively communicate and execute our DEI&B strategy both at UKG and outside our company.

Empower U
Empower U

An innovative talent-engagement program focused on empowering the next generation of global, underrepresented talent to excel within the digital enterprise, and making UKG an employer of choice.

Global DEI&B Council
Global DEI&B Council

Includes 16 executive leaders from across UKG who champion the business imperative of DEI&B and meet quarterly to drive initiatives forward, enhance the program, and measure overall progress.

Leaders Scorecard
Leaders Scorecard

Provides transparency into UKG leaders’ progress against a set of comprehensive metrics that support achievement of our short- and long-term program goals.

Employee Resource Groups

To help amplify diverse voices and bring UKG employees together for support, development, and connection, we offer companywide employee resource groups (ERGs) for members and allies. Currently, we have eight ERGs to help our people build awareness and take action both within UKG and outside of our walls. ERG management and member engagement is measured and tracked through the Belonging and Engagement Centre at UKG, our hub for member information, events, resources, conversations, and participation.


Accessibility and Disability Allies Partner Together


For Asian and Pacific Islander employees and allies


Black Upcoming Individuals in Leadership and Development, for employees from the African diaspora and allies


Female Inclusion, Resilience, and Excellence for women and allies at all levels of the company


For LGBTQ+ employees and allies


For active service members and veterans


United, for Latinx/Hispanic employees and allies

Awards and Recognition

While we know DEI&B is a lifelong commitment and our crucial work is never finished, we are proud to have received recognition for our efforts thus far.

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